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We’re all grown ups, and we should be able to have conversations with each other when we have questions, concerns, or complaints. To that end, we hope that if you have an issue with another member, you’ll first have a conversation with that person directly. If that fails, or if you don’t feel comfortable for whatever reason, you can have a conversation with either of the COs, a Captain of the Guard, or any other member of the command staff. 

If you’re stuck in a spot where having a conversation just isn’t a possibility, or if you have feedback that’s not related to a specific person you can talk with, we have an online tool for anonymously reporting any concerns or providing any feedback related to Cloud City Garrison and Kashyyyk Base.

You can find the link here:

The Google Doc will only record your personal information if you provide it. You should only provide your contact information if you do not wish to remain anonymous.

The admin team will have no way of knowing who submits comments through the form.

We want to address any concerns that our members have. We also understand that some members may not feel comfortable approaching the admin team directly. We hope that anyone who has a concern will be willing to speak up.

You are also welcome to email any concerns or comments to: 

The email address is not anonymous.

The reporting tool and the email address can be used for anything that is on your mind. You can share any ideas about how to make our group better!

The admin team will periodically post a summary of the concerns, feedback, and ideas received. We will also report any actions taken to address those concerns.

You are also welcome to post your ideas directly on the forum for group discussion, talk directly with the admin team, or any other communication method you prefer.