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Special Types of Events

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Most of our event appearances do not require our volunteers to pay an admission cost. A few special event types may have an entry cost. Advertising is also an important aspect of many special events.


While smaller conventions often offer us unlimited free passes, larger conventions are more limited. Read convention signup posts carefully and note any deadlines for signups and ticket payments.

Retail Events

LFL and Disney want to limit our appearances at retail stores (Game Stop, Toys-R-Us, etc). If a local store contacts you directly, please contact the event coordinator or either of the COs. All retail outlets need LFL permission before planning any events, and advertising, if allowed at all, will be specifically defined by LFL. This is a big change from how things worked prior to 2015, so it’s important for everyone to understand and follow these procedures.

Charity events (ex. Toys-For-Tots) that take place at a retail store (Toys-R-Us) are acceptable with the following advertising restrictions:

  • The charity can advertise the event and state that 501st/Rebel Legion will be there.
  • The charity CANNOT use the terms “costumed characters” or “Star Wars” in their advertising.
  • We can advertise the event however we see fit.
  • The retail store CANNOT advertise our appearance at all.

Sporting Events

Here are some guidelines regarding appearances at sporting events. 

  • Sports nights are Open Invite meaning ALL members of the club can attend, although the host can limit how many people they want.
  • The host CANNOT use the term “Star Wars” in their advertising without express permission from LFL (these details are handled between the event host and LFL directly), but they can use Legion/Garrison/Base names.
  • The host CANNOT direct members on what to do; they can submit a list of activities to the members before the event and the members can choose what they do/do not want to do.
  • We are NOT allowed to throw out the first pitch, drop the puck, flip the coin, etc. We can escort another person to do these activities.
  • We CANNOT appear to be promoting a team logo by wearing, sitting/standing on, or appearing with it. This includes standing on top of dugouts. Taking pictures with fans in their team apparel is okay.

Sporting events branded as a “Star Wars” event or making use of any Star Wars IP (images, names, music, sounds, etc.) must be submitted to LFL on each occurrence. A previous approval does not apply to any future event. General “mascot nights” that include a variety of characters and will not make use of any Star Wars IP in the name, branding, or advertising do not need to be submitted to LFL for review.

Children in Costume at Open Invite Events

These guidelines come straight from LFL and their Legal team.

If there is a limited roster cap (e.g. Only 25 costumers can sign up):

  • Minors cannot be rostered in one of those limited spots
  • Minors can attend if that is worked out with the event host in advance (and they do not count toward the roster limit)
  • The green room/changing space must be limited to the rostered adults

If there is not a limited roster cap (e.g. The more the merrier!)

  • Minors can be rostered
  • If permitted by local group policies, minors may be allowed in changing space

Note that our local policies do not allow minors in our changing space while adult members are using it. 

Symphony Events

Orchestras are no longer permitted to advertise they’re hosting Star Wars characters even if they mention us specifically. LFL may need to proofread any advertising the orchestra uses that contains any reference to Star Wars. 

For the most part the concerts we are invited to are John Williams tribute concerts or Movie Theme Tribute concerts or Space Themes concerts, etc – which is fantastic. However, if an orchestra (even a smaller one) is trying to host an all-Star Wars concert, that would need to be reviewed by LFL, and we wouldn’t be able to proceed independently like we can with the smaller/generic themed concerts.

501st and RL appearances should be a meet and greet, and we shouldn’t be part of the stage presentation.

Museum and Zoo Events

We can attend events at non-profit entities even if they charge an admission fee. These types of hosts can invite and include Star Wars costumers without permission from LFL, but they can’t use official Star Wars IP or try to garner more ticket/admission sales by using the Star Wars name. Any not-for-profit organization that we appear at (like a school, library, museum, or zoo) can advertise that they are hosting Star Wars costumers. However, when they do so they should refer to us by name (“Cloud City Garrison/Kashyyyk Base/501st Legion/Rebel Legion”) and not generically as “Star War characters.” They should use photos of our members and not stock images from the movies.

LFL/Cast Events

Cast events are rare, but they do happen once or twice a year. Disney and LFL get involved in “casting” characters when specific Disney groups or other official (usually corporate) groups want to hire us as representatives of the Star Wars brand. This is different from what we usually do, which is simply be fans who dress up in appreciation of Star Wars. Subtle but important difference.

These types of gigs may require actual performance (acting/movement/voice). Exact pay rates are negotiated by us and the group hiring us. Our cast events so far have paid at standard SAG rates.

When a new cast event opportunity comes in, it will be posted on the forum like other events. Review the details and note any deadlines if you’re interested in being considered. Costumer selections are made by LFL without any influence from CCG or KB and communicated through the EC in charge of the event.

LFL is also building a directory of costumers for potential future cast events. You can read more about that on the forum here: