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How Do Event Requests Come In?

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Events come to us from a variety of sources, like those listed below:

SWO Event Request Form

Most of our events come in through our SWO Event Request Form at Three things happen when this form is submitted:

  1. The person submitting the form gets an email summary of their request.
  2. The starwarsoregon@gmail account gets an email summary of their request.
  3. An event is created in the database based on the information provided in the request.

Legion Event Request Forms

Occasionally we receive requests from hosts who filled out a form on one of the legion websites. For the 501st, an email summary of the request is emailed to the GECs’ individual email addresses on record with the legion. For the the RL, the LEC forwards the email summary of the request to the starwarsoregon@gmail account. An event is not automatically created in the database.

Forwards and Shares from Surrounding Garrisons/Bases

These requests may originate from local event request forms, legion event request forms, or direct email and may be sent either to our starwarsoregon@gmail account or to CO/XO/GEC emails. An event is not automatically created in the database.

Direct Emails Containing Event Requests

These are a judgment call. If the email contains enough information for you to create the event in the database and you’re willing, do that and continue as usual.

If there’s not enough information to create and post the event, respond to the email and ask the host to fill out the SWO Event Request Form at

Other Members Curate Events

If we’re contacted directly by a member about an event, ask them to have the event host fill out the SWO Event Request Form at

Note that in almost all cases, a member isn’t (and shouldn’t be) the host of an event. We want to avoid situations where a general member is the middleman between us and the actual event host. This slows down communications and increases the potential for misinformation. There are exceptions to this rule, so discuss it with the GEC team if you have questions about a particular event.


LFL sends an email to our COs and XOs (and occasionally copy the SWO Gmail account) when they have 1) an open invite (for things like Star Wars nights at athletic events) for an LFL-approved appearance or 2) cast events.

For open invites: Create these events in the database manually and then proceed as usual.

For cast events: We don’t track cast events for rostering purposes, so these do not need to exist in the database. Depending on the characters requested and whether or not spotters are required, we can contact people with the desired costumes directly and/or post an event manually on the forum (not through the database) with the details and deadline information. Most cast events will be managed by a senior member of the GEC team who has handled these types of things in the past. Ask the team or your CO if you have any questions about these types of events.