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Overview: GML Process for CCG

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  1. Member submits pictures via the forum to GML: Front, Back, Left, Right, Action Pose, Bucket Off
  2. If costume is approved, GML places action shot and bucket off picture into the google drive folder, and gives GWLs heads up that member is good to go.
  3. GML updates new costume/member thread, shoots GWL a message.
  4. GML notifies the member that they are approved.
  5. GWL creates roster image, uploads to 501st site.
  6. GWL places completed pics into the “Website”, “Social Media”, “Completed – 501st” folders in google drive for GWM for upload to CCG website and Social Media team for posting. Shoots the GWM/SM people a heads up.
  7. GWM and Social Media posts/uploads pictures then removes the pictures from their respective folders when done.