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KB Welcome Template: Member Already on SWO Forum

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Congratulations on the approval of your costume and welcome to Kashyyyk Base! We’re excited that you’re here and look forward to meeting you and seeing your costume in person at an event soon.

Here in Oregon and SW Washington, our local Rebel Legion group works closely with our 501st Legion counterparts (Cloud City Garrison) to staff events. Our official communications, including event announcements, happen on our online forum. We’ve adjusted your permissions to make our event planning and member-specific sections accessible to you. 

Here’s a link to the forum that might be helpful to save as a bookmark in your browser:

Here’s an overview of our forum’s setup and functionality. This overview also describes how event sign-ups work so that you can make a plan to get out and wear your costume.

We’ve also put together a broader overview of our local groups, collectively known as Star Wars Oregon. Take a look here to learn all about how we work.

Don’t let this be information overload. Hang on to these links to reference later; there’s no need to learn everything right now. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have.

If you haven’t already done it, consider posting an introduction on the forum. Everyone likes meeting new group members. Go here ( and click the New Topic link to create your post and say hello to everyone.

Again, welcome to the group!