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How and When to Contact the LEC

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Sometimes we get odd or one-off event requests that don’t “feel right.” Other times we might get a request that seems a little like a retail or for-profit event but maybe not completely. Sporting events and other ticketed events might also feel questionable.

Your first line of defense in these situations can always be to ask the other local GECs. When the group is stumped, take it up the chain to the LEC.


There’s a handy GEC’s Imperial Lounge chat on Facebook that you can join for direct access to the 501st LEC. It’s interesting to see the other questions that GECs around the world ask, too. This is a good place for quick/short questions about something specific or to check in on something you previously sent to the LEC via email. If you have an event that you want the LEC to help you evaluate, forward the event details to

Rebel Legion

Contact the RL LEC by email at or