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Our legions have a very special relationship with LFL that allows us to create and publicly wear costumes using LFL’s intellectual property. We would very much like to keep that relationship as positive and mutually beneficial as possible.

Sometimes that means that we (as a group) will decline and miss out on opportunities we’d like to be involved in.

There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes when planning events and appearances that we (as a group) make in our Star Wars costumes, which for certain types of events also includes obtaining permission from LFL. Every once in a while, after declining our garrison and base’s participation in an event based on LFL feedback, the person who requested the event might try to recruit individuals to help out outside of an official legion event. 

Each of us, as individuals who own our costumes, can choose whether or not to participate in “off-the-books” events like this as long as we don’t identify or represent ourselves as members of either legion.

However, for your protection and for the greater good of our group, we’d like to caution you to think very carefully about the possible ramifications of your participation in unofficial events, especially when pictures or video of the event have any chance of being published in social media or broadcast on television. These are the things likely to attract the attention of LFL; they may also lead to legal action against you as an individual and damage our relationship with LFL as a costuming group. 

It is within LFL’s reach to blacklist a member from cast events or even request that the Legion ban a member who participated in an event that was specifically denied by LFL. These are the types of risks you might face by choosing to wear your costume at an event that was not coordinated through our designated event process and published on our forum. 

The same risks might apply if you wear your legion-approved costume with another, non-LFL-approved costuming group at an event that does not meet LFL’s standards.

The more we act like partners with LFL instead of rogue agents doing whatever we like, the better the treatment we’re likely to get from them in the future. By sticking to official events that are coordinated through our forum, you can ensure your ongoing participation in our groups. The fact remains that your costumes are yours to wear as you please. The risk of potential consequences is also yours.

Signed Agreements/Contracts

If you choose to participate in off-forum/private events, it’s possible that the event lead (whether from our group or not) will sign agreements or contracts on your behalf. We advise that you ask the event lead if any paperwork was signed for any off-forum event you plan to attend. You are entitled to receive a copy of that paperwork so that you know what you are agreeing to by participating in the event. This is simply a smart thing for you to do.

As described above, whenever one of our official events includes signing an agreement or contract, we provide a copy of that documentation for all members to view. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest to maintain full transparency, and we encourage you to ask the same for any other events you might participate in.

You Cannot Represent the Legions, Our Garrison, or Our Base

When you participate in off-forum/private events, it is important for you to understand that you cannot identify or represent yourself as a member of the 501st or Rebel Legion, Cloud City Garrison or Kashyyyk Base. Imagine instead that you are just a normal person who happens to own a Star Wars costume. You cannot promote the legions, garrison, or base. You cannot discuss membership qualifications or what it takes to achieve membership with event attendees. You basically should not reveal in any form that you are a member. If, for example, you are directly asked if you are a member of one of the legions, you should reply along these lines: “I’m here today simply as a Star Wars fan in costume.”

If you ever have questions about an event that you’re invited to outside of our official event request process, don’t hesitate to contact the COs or Event Coordinator directly.