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Edit New Events on the Forum (after Creating from Database)

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  1. Read through the post and make sure it accurately describes the arrival and event details that our members need to know. 
  2. Go to Google Maps and search for the location/address. Copy the URL for that page.
  3. In the forum post, highlight the text that you want to turn into a link.
  4. Click the Hyperlink button. (It’s right under the underline button. It looks like a little globe.)
  5. In the body of your post, it will look like this now: [url]Location You Typed In[/url]
  6. Put your cursor right after “url” and right before the closing bracket at the front. Here: [urlCURSORHERE]Location You Typed In[/url]
  7. Type =
  8. Paste the URL from Google Maps.
  9. Then it will look like this: [url=]Location You Typed In[/url]
  10. Add the appropriate location tag and “nosignups” tag to the post. (map of location tags)


  • Capitalization and order of tags does not matter. Just be sure to separate them with a comma and do not include spaces in the tag names. (This is for consistency–it doesn’t break anything if you do it differently.)
  • You can double up on locations if something is close to a border we defined (like McMinnville = portland, salem).
  • As soon as there are signups for an event, we can remove the nosignups tag by clicking the X next to it at the bottom of the topic.
  • Once an event is completed, remove all tags.