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Determining if an Event Needs LFL Approval

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Some events are subject to LFL’s approval. Generally, if an event is being requested by an individual (like a birthday party for a kid), a community group, or a charity, and the event is being held at a non-commercial location, it’s deemed a “Community Event” and can be posted without getting LFL involved. Sporting events (at the collegiate level or higher) where any Star Wars imaging, wording, or music will be used must go through LFL. Sporting events that are not tied to SW or using any SW IP (mascot night, cub scout night) do not need to go through LFL. Anything from a commercial entity, even if they are donating to charity or doing a private event for their employees, must be LFL approved before we can agree to appear. 

Check the GEC section of the 501st forum or ask the LEC for the latest contact info/steps to follow.

***501st only: One of the best and fastest way to get an answer from Nicky is to ask in the LEC/GEC chat on Facebook. Have a GEC who’s already in the group add you.***