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Day of an Event

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  • Plan ahead. Know where you’re going and allow enough time to travel to and park at the event without getting stressed out.
  • Expect the unexpected. As much as we try to plan for and anticipate everyone’s needs at each one of the hundreds of events we coordinate each year, sometimes things just don’t go the way we want or expect. Parking might be confusing or far away. Changing space might be smaller than expected, too messy of a space to use, or non-existent. Your flexibility and positive, we-can-do-this attitude will create a much better atmosphere for everyone involved in the event, from your fellow costumers, to the event hosts, to the event attendees.
  • Event hosts are advised that it’s helpful to provide water and snacks, so they may or may not do that. We cannot directly request or require anything of this sort, including food, drinks, tickets, discounts, lodging, transportation costs, etc. To proactively ask for these types of items or to accept them when not proactively offered is a direct violation of our Legion charters and may be cause for disciplinary action.
  • Do not pose with for-profit logos or in any manner that could be interpreted as promoting that brand or company. Posing with signage for a charity is fine. For example, you can pose with a Make-A-Wish banner, but you should not pose in front of a McDonald’s sign holding Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets.

Media and Interviews at Events

Unless otherwise directed by command staff, we can participate in any media (TV, news, newspaper, etc.) interviews, via live video, picture/photographs, or written text. There are specific rules and guidelines from LFL that we need to follow. Read more in the Interview section below.

Special Types of Events

  • Do not participate in ceremonial activities like throwing the first pitch, the coin flip, or dropping the puck.
  • Do not appear on stage at a ticketed event (ex: symphony events) unless previously discussed and clearly communicated by the event coordinators.

Read more about special types of events below.