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Creating and Posting an Event

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Our group keeps growing bigger, which is a wonderful thing! As we grow, we also need to ensure that we’re creating the best experience for our members, providing an effective communication method with hosts who invite us to their events, and following the Legions’ official policies.

The primary purpose of Star Wars Oregon is organizing events for the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. Our members work hard to join our groups, and that effort should be rewarded. One reward is the opportunity to attend our events. If anyone can attend our events, then no one has any reason to put in the work to join our clubs.

Although the general public might simply lump all Star Wars costumes, and possibly all genre costumes, together, we have an obligation to protect the recognizable brands of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. We are happy to work with other costume groups when they are also invited to events we support. However, we will not create or organize events for other groups.

Legion policies require that a CO review and approve every event before it’s posted for members to sign up for. We used to be pretty lax about this when we were a smaller group and before the additional LFL policies that we now live under took effect. We have set forth the following processes in this area to help ensure proper review of events before they get posted.

  1. All event requests must be submitted by an event host. The event host must be an official/formal representative of the organization/event. Our event coordinators must have direct contact with event hosts; garrison/base members or other individuals cannot act as the middleman between the event host and our event coordination team.
  2. Every event must be submitted through the event form so we have a record in the database. 
    • The form should be filled out by the official event host.
    • The form can be found by clicking the Request an Event link at
  3. All events are formal (approved 501st and Rebel Legion costumes only) by default. Any exceptions require approval from the COs.
  4. SWO events are organized for members of Cloud City Garrison and Kashyyyk Base.
    • If an event organizer invites multiple costuming groups, then those groups must have separate spaces, changing rooms, promotion, event leads, etc., whenever possible. If these conditions cannot be met, they must be communicated ahead of time so that our members have a clear understanding of who will have access to the room where they are changing clothes and leaving personal belongings.
    • Please contact the admin team before sharing any information about events with other costuming groups.
  5. Only COs, XOs, and the GEC team will have the ability to post new event topics on the forum. You can still coordinate an event as a member of our groups. You’ll just do so in combination with a “buddy GEC.” After the event host fills out the Event Request Form, a GEC/XO/CO will post the event on the forum. At that point you can work directly with the GEC/XO/CO to update the main thread as appropriate, or you can respond to the thread and edit your response as appropriate with additional information.
  6. The GECs and/or you can coordinate the event details via email with the host. The email address must be copied on all communications you exchange with the event host so that our event team and COs have visibility into what is being planned. This helps us make sure our events follow Legion protocol and keeps the entire group safe and prepared. If the email address is not copied and/or the GEC/XO/CO teams are not included in event planning activity, the event may be subject to cancellation by the COs.

Why All These Rules, Man?

  • To show respect for the Legions we’re members of and our unique relationship with LFL/Disney
  • To ensure the ongoing existence and success of our events and our entire group
  • To make tracking and recording of event data faster and more accurate

It is not our goal to make things harder on anyone. In fact, we expect this to make things easier on folks:

  • Members who plan events will no longer carry the burden of ensuring all event rules are followed; they will have the support of an experienced GEC at their side from start to finish
  • Members who attend events will enjoy more consistency and transparency about what to expect at the event

We encourage any member to work alongside the GEC team to make your events successful! We value every member who puts in extra time and effort to help see an event created for the group. And, if you want to be more involved and you’re interested in becoming a GEC to help with events on an ongoing basis, please reach out to the current COs! It’s a great way to learn more about how things work behind the scenes here and provides an impactful opportunity to get involved with our group.