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Whether or not a member can see any particular board in our forum is based on that member’s assigned membergroups and the permissions set up for those membergroups. Most membergroups provide stacking permissions rather than specifying all boards for each group. For example, because all CCG members are also 501st members, the 501st Legion Members membergroup provides access to the event planning boards and the Cloud City Members group does not provide access to the event planning boards.

To ensure that all registered members are able to view and post in the Technical Support forum in the Public Information section, permissions to that board are specified for every membergroup.

Table: Boards Visible by Membergroups

Unless otherwise noted, permission to view a parent board also includes permission to view its child board(s).

This information is subject to change. To view current settings:

  1. Go to the Admin section of the forum.
  2. Go to Members > Membergroups.
  3. Click the Modify link next to the group.
  4. In the Visible Boards section, click the Show boards link. The visible boards are displayed.
MembergroupBoard Visibility Permissions
AdministratorFull visibility of all boards on the forum
501st Legion MemberAll Public Information boardsStar Wars CantinaOfficial Merchandise501st-Only ArmorAll Event Planning boards
Cloud City AdminTechnical SupportStar Wars Oregon AdminCCG Admin Leadership DiscussionsDesign TeamWeb TeamMando Merc LiasonModerator DiscussionsArchived ThreadsElection Archive
Cloud City MemberTechnical SupportCCG – Private CCG-KB Official Business
Cloud City ReserveAll Public Information boardsStar Wars Cantina501st-Only ArmorAll Event Planning boards
Design TeamTechnical SupportDesign Team
GML AdminTechnical Support
Kashyyyk Base AdminTechnical SupportStar Wars Oregon AdminKB AdminDesign TeamWeb TeamMando Merc LiaisonModerator DiscussionsArchived Threads
Kashyyyk Base MemberTechnical SupportKB – PrivateCCG-KB Official Business
Mando MercsAll Public Information boardsMando Merc Liaison
Rebel Legion MemberAll Public Information boardsStar Wars CantinaOfficial MerchandiseAll Event Planning boards
Web TeamTechnical SupportWeb Team

Membergroups Allowed to View a Board

In some cases, you might want to see the opposite of the above: which membergroups are allowed to view a particular board. Follow these steps to view:

  1. Go to the Admin section of the forum.
  2. Go to Forum > Boards.
  3. Click the Modify link next to the board.
  4. In the Allowed Groups section, the visible membergroups are displayed.

Setting Up a Board Certain People Can Post in But Visible to Others

  1. In most cases, you’ll use an existing permission profile (like Special Teams). If not already set up, set up a permission profile that grants the permissions that people in the assigned membergroup should have on their associated board. 
    1. Members > Permissions > Edit Profiles > New Profile
    2. See Action Permissions section below for more info.
  2. Set up the new board. 
    1. Forum > Boards > Modify Boards > Add Board.
    2. Don’t worry about the Permission Profile right now – Leave on Default.
    3. Clear all of the Allowed Groups.
    4. Save.
  3. Set up the Membergroup that can post/that has extra permissions
    1. Members > Membergroups > Add Membergroup
    2. Inherit permissions from appropriate profile (e.g. Special Teams, whatever you set up in #1, etc.)
    3. Select board(s) that will be visible to the membergroup
    4. Add group
    5. Change number of star images to 0
    6. Save
  4. Click name of membergroup and add members to it (these are the people who will have the extra rights). Save.
  5. Modify the board’s permissions and view access.
    1. Members > Permissions > Board Permissions
    2. Click name of new board
    3. Set permission profile to appropriate profile (e.g. Special Teams, whatever you set up in #1, etc.)
    4. Check the boxes for any groups that should be able to view the board. 
    5. Save.