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Signing Up for an Event and Posting in Event Threads

We want to make event threads easy to follow and keep updated. It’s difficult to keep up with changes when event threads stretch over multiple pages. To help with this, all information about the event will consistently be added to the original post, and separate posts to the topic might be removed, especially when event threads get really long. For example, when troopers sign up for an event, they will be added to the roster, and their individual posts might be removed. 

Some tips:

+ Do post questions about the event. They will be answered (by updating the original post) and removed.

+ Do post to sign up for an event. You will be added to the roster and your post will be removed.

+ Do post (as soon as possible) if your availability changes from yes to no.

– Don’t post to sign up as a maybe. We cannot count on maybes for purposes of event confirmation. Wait until you can confirm, then post to sign up as a Yes.

– Don’t post simply to say that you can’t sign up or to give reasons why you are unavailable. These posts will be removed.

– Don’t use the main event thread to carry on general discussions. You are welcome to start a chatter thread in the Cantina or main Event Planning section if you want to have a general discussion about an event.

A helpful reminder about event sign-ups: Though we are all volunteers and real life always takes precedence, your commitment to an event is counted on by others (event requestors, event attendees, and your fellow troopers). If you are unable to make it to an event you’ve signed up for, please be courteous and let us know by posting in the event thread as soon as possible when your plans change.


Q: When is it okay to sign up for an event? Do I need permission or approval?

A: Check the event details to make sure that there isn’t a roster cap (restriction on the number of costumers) and that there are no restrictions on costumes allowed at the event. Then, if you have an approved costume and the event topic is posted on the forum, it is ready and available for you to sign up. You do not need to ask for permission or approval. 

After you sign up for an event, check the topic periodically so that you are aware of any changes to the details. In particular, note the parking and changing space details. Ask any questions you have ahead of time. 

Q: What if I’m the only person to sign up for an event? I don’t want to troop alone!

A: You never have to troop alone unless you want to. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a troop that interests you even if nobody else has signed up yet; your signup might be what makes other people sign up, too! 

Q: What if I need to back out of a troop?

A: Post on the forum to let us know as soon as possible. Real life always takes priority. You don’t need to come up with an excuse or tell a story about why you can’t make it. Do not post on Facebook, send PMs, or send a text to someone to drop out of a troop. Posting on the forum ensures that everyone has access to the same information and eliminates the risk of your message being missed. 

Q: My friend or family member (who has an approved costume) wants to sign up for a troop. Can I sign them up?

A: All members should sign up for troops themselves unless they do not have internet access at home, work, or through mobile devices. It’s important for each trooper to log on to the forum and read about the troop they’re signing up for. Since all active troopers should log on to the forum regularly to keep up-to-date on garrison/base happenings, it shouldn’t be difficult for troopers to also sign up for events. Remember that bit above about being a responsible adult? 

Obviously there are exceptions, like husband/wife duos or parent/child duos (where both live in the same household). If someone not related to you asks you to sign them up for an event, suggest instead that they log on, read about the event, and sign up for themselves.

Q: What is an event lead? Does every event have one?

A: Event leads are very rarely necessary, so only 1-2% of our events have a designated lead. Generally, the event coordinators do the work upfront to ensure a smooth event, and if an EC or other admin team member is attending an event, they will act as lead on-site. Event leads can be useful for new or complex events. The event lead’s purpose is to ensure smooth execution of an event on-site.

Event Contracts

On very rare occasions, event hosts will require that we sign a contract or agreement as part of our participation in their event. All contracts and agreements that are signed on behalf of Cloud City Garrison and/or Kashyyyk Base must be posted in the event thread for all members to read and be aware of before arriving at the event. 

Here’s an example from the 2011 UFO Parade:

This has nothing to do with not trusting people; it has everything to do with covering our butts if something goes south at the event that is covered in the contract or agreement. We also need to have a chance to review contracts that might have language in them that could put us in an uncomfortable situation. For example, we have had hosts ask us to sign contracts detailing “compensation for our appearance” so they can donate to charity; we did not sign until that language was changed.

We are most definitely NOT asking or requiring that contracts be used for events. In fact, we’d be much happier if they were never part of the process. This is just for those rare cases when event hosts require one to be signed. So IF they require someone to sign something, THEN it should be disclosed. 

Other Details Handled by the Event Coordinators

  • Event hosts cannot provide preferential treatment for specific characters, people, or roles. It is irrelevant how popular your costume is or how much time you have spent coordinating an event. All members are equal. However, event hosts can limit the number of characters allowed at their event and/or request only certain costumes.
    • Example: An event host cannot invite everyone to attend their event but offer gas and meal reimbursement for one specific character that they really want to have make an appearance.
  • We cannot request or require favors or special treatment (meals, free tickets, gas money, lodging, etc.) for everyone, but if event hosts freely offer items like this to all participants, we can accept.
  • ECs do their best to nail down details about parking and changing space ahead of time.