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Q: Why do we need to post photo albums from each event?

A: We post photos for our fans and for ourselves. Links to albums for public events get posted on the Star Wars Oregon webpage so that event attendees and other fans can enjoy the fun. By tracking photo album links to all events (public or private) on our forum, members are able to see how things looked to our attendees. We all want the opportunity to see and save photos of ourselves in costume—especially for new troopers and events that happen in neat places.

Avoid posting a bunch of individual pictures in the forum. Post a picture or two as a teaser, but what we really need is a link to an online album where all of the pictures are saved. Flickr and imgur are two common, free sites you can use to upload photos and share a link to your event album; we recommend avoiding PhotoBucket since they changed their Terms of Service. Taking a few minutes to create and share an album on the forum’s event topic will eliminate a lot of time trying to track the pictures down later.

If you don’t want to create a free photo sharing account, you can also email your photos to, and we will create an album for sharing. Everyone enjoys seeing the photos, even people that didn’t troop the event!

Q: Why do we need final rosters?

A: All final rosters are added to our database so that we can track who our active members are. Because the Legions provide benefits to active members (voting rights, merchandise purchasing ability, etc.), it’s important for command staff to know who is active and who isn’t. We want to make sure that our active members get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Final rosters also enable us to do fun things like our rankings. 

Q: What is an event recap?

A: Recaps help us learn how to make future events better. When something works really well, we want to know what it is so that we can repeat it. When something doesn’t work well, we want to know that, too, so that we can avoid or mitigate those issues in the future. Having a recap with relevant information about how the troop went also helps with recurring events so that we know what to expect and plan for the next time that troop happens. Recaps are also a great way to keep a record of special or fun memories and get other troopers excited about attending other similar events.

Q: Who can submit final rosters and event recaps?

A: Anyone who attended the event can provide a final roster and event recap. Multiple event recaps are always welcome.


When you attend an event, especially if there are no other admin team members in attendance, the host may give you a donation check in exchange for your appearance. You can either submit the check following the guidelines below, or you can give it to any admin team member to handle.

Use the info below for our more commonly donated-to charities to mail in donation checks. You can also drop off donations in-person, which is what we have to do whenever there’s cash involved. Ask for a receipt and provide that to any admin team member at your earliest convenience.

Charity and AddressMail-in Form Link
Make-A-Wish Oregon2000 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 410Portland, OR 97201 
Doernbecher Foundation1121 SW Salmon St #100Portland, OR 97205 
Children’s Miracle Network Foundation123 International WaySpringfield, Oregon 97477